Wonder (2017)

Wonder (2017)

2017 | PG | 113 Minutes

Drama | Family

The story of August Pullman – a boy with facial differences – who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • WHAT I LIKED: On the one hand, 'Wonder,' portrays a very meaningful message and does so with some touching and amusing moments as well as many great performances where Owen Wilson, Julia Roberts and the wonderful Jacob Tremblay all deliver great work. It certainly does take the inspirational source material and bring all of it to life then, and that does make for something occasionally engaging and largely meaningful overall.
    WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The only problem is that it just feels extremely over-sentimental and rather condescending, as the film is not only told through the eyes of the young lead, but is also seemingly aimed at his peers. Indeed it's all spelt out very clearly as the dialogue is widely exaggerated and often cringe-worthy and the storytelling choices leave very little to the imagination. In the end this sadly leaves you fairly unengaged and disconnected for the majority.
    VERDICT: A little film with a great message that just doesn't translate in an adult-friendly way, 'Wonder,' is a great film to show to kids, but the same can't be said for everyone else.