Nerve (2016)

Nerve (2016)

2016 | PG-13 | 96 Minutes

Drama | Thriller

A high school senior finds herself immersed in an online game of truth or dare, where her every move starts to be manipulated by an anonymous community of "watchers."

Overall Rating

7 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • I thought this movie was good, but not great. Easily my favorite parts of the film was when the characters were playing nerve. It was pretty thrilling and entertaining. I also liked the neon style of the film. It was definitely interesting to look at. Whenever the movie tried to actually give a backstory and motivation to the characters, that's when it fell apart. It didn't really work at all, and I didn't really feel for any of the characters. The third act of the film also seemed just too insane/preachy. It took me right out of the film. Overall, Nerve is a disposable thriller that has an interesting concept and definite thrills.