Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

2004 R 108 Minutes

Science Fiction | Drama | Romance

Joel Barish, heartbroken that his girlfriend underwent a procedure to erase him from her memory, decides to do the same. However, as he watches his memories of her fade away, he realises that he st...

Overall Rating

8 / 10
Verdict: Good

User Review

  • BarneyNuttall


    8 / 10
    Eternal sunshine is another vehicle for Charlie Kaufman to build a strange normal world, much like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation. The weird factor is never explained but acts solely as a function in the story, allowing Joel and Clementine to venture into parts of their past with some humorous and tragic effects. Gondry's direction is overshadowed by Kaufman's writing but he does bring a visual flare to the film whilst directing Carrey with ease. Clementine comes off as irritating, which is kind of the point, but nevertheless I wish she'd just accept that the word nice isn't so bad.

    There is also an engaging sub plot with a cast including Mark Ruffalo, Kirsten Dunst and Elijah Wood which is entertaining and demands second viewing for a new experience. It's a great film with an emotional centre that I personally didn't tap into but I recognise it's there.