Unfriended (2015)

Unfriended (2015)

2015 R 82 Minutes

Horror | Thriller

While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly one year ago. At first they think it's a prank, but when the girl starts...

Overall Rating

4 / 10
Verdict: So-So

User Review

  • BarneyNuttall


    2 / 10
    I only watched this film on the basis of a drinking game. The game namely being a list of horror movie cliches, fake out jumpscare, or forced biblical imagery being two examples, each with a shot of whiskey lined up if one of the listed items appears in the film. Despite the fun game and my drunken stupor, Unfriended remained a painful and exploitative movie that used the pandemic of online bullying as an easy way to scare people. Now, there's plenty of films that draw on the fears of the time to create effective horror. Get Out or, perhaps, Dr. Strangelove is some good examples. But both of these films bring a perspective to the topic at hand. Unfriended has no voice behind it, just a boardroom of money-hungry execs. The best part of the night was the whiskey and I don't like whiskey.