Upcoming March 2017 Moives

by mmmZavala 1 year ago
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  1. mmmZavala
    Updated: 1 year ago

    What are some movies coming up in March 2017 that you are looking forward to. Or some that you would rather not see. Thoughts?

  2. czavala
    Updated: 1 year ago

    I am really looking forward to Logan in March. The trailers for it have all looked great! Also, I'm interested to see how Beauty and the Beast turns out. It was one of my favorite movies as a child.

  3. mmmZavala
    Updated: 1 year ago

    @czavala Yeah Logan looks great!! You know my thoughts on Beaty and The Beast :) It looks too similar and this "live action" remake is basically an animation still. Personally I can't wait to see Kong: Skull Island and T2: Trainspotting. Regardless, March is looking like a good month!