Blade Runner 2049 Thoughts

by FILM 3 years ago
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  1. FILM
    Updated: 3 years ago

    With the first official trailer released, it's about time we made a thread about one of the most anticipated films of the year.

  2. FILM
    Updated: 3 years ago

    Can poor Roger Deakins get his Oscar already? Looks like he's set for some awards based on the cinematography in the trailer alone.

  3. Barneyonmovies
    Updated: 3 years ago

    @FILM Argh I know - Roger Deakins needs an Oscar!! Fingers crossed this time around

  4. Chris
    Updated: 3 years ago

    @FILM @Barneyonmovies I completely agree about "Roger Deakins", he is very deserving of an Oscar.

    As for Blade Runner 2049 (2017), I haven't seen the original, but based on what I saw in that first trailer, I am on board!

    In Denis Villeneuve I trust.

  5. FILM
    Updated: 3 years ago

    @Chris All hail lord Villeneuve, fingers crossed he can still deliver on a huge studio movie.