New Features: Want To See List, Custom Lists, and Profile Stats

by Chris 5 years ago
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  1. Chris
    Updated: 5 years ago

    Today we launched 3 new features to

    • Want To See List - As a member of, you now have a "Want To See" list that is publicly accessible from your profile. You can add movies to your "Want To See" list by clicking the "Want To See" button on the movie page.
    • Custom Lists - As a member of, you can now create custom lists and add movies to them directly from the movie page. Custom Lists can be public or private and can be unordered or ordered. Private lists are only viewable by the owner when they are signed in to the site. The order of movies on an ordered list can be adjusted on the "Edit List" page.
    • Profile Stats - On a every members profile, you can now see how many films they have rated, reviewed, and marked as "Want To See". You can also see how many public lists the member has created.

    If you have any questions about these new features, please feel free to ask below.