"Jan 1, 0000"

by redcore 10 months ago
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  1. redcore
    Updated: 10 months ago

    what happens to Movies that are already out but is without cover and from year "0000" ? any way to call for a tmdb refresh?

    example : https://filmfed.com/movies/2phqaht6rff-ambition

  2. Chris
    Updated: 10 months ago

    @redcore Sometimes movies become out of sync and require a manual resync. If you come across a movie like this, just post here on the message board (like you did!) and we will get it synced up for you.

    You are good to go on this one: Ambition (2019)

  3. redcore
    Updated: 10 months ago

    godo to know, i guess since the forum name is the name of the "issue" i will post here =P

  4. redcore
    Updated: 10 months ago