imdb import?

by pedroabreu 3 years ago
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  1. pedroabreu
    Updated: 9 months ago

    hello is there a way to import all my movies from imdb? thank you!

  2. Chris
    Updated: 3 years ago

    @pedroabreu unfortunatly there is not. This is a limitation with IMDB.

  3. pedroabreu
    Updated: 3 years ago

    oh, it will be a pain to import al movies :D but can be also fun, can re-rate some old movies. maybe a chrome extension would help tough ; a link on imdb to the proper page on filmfed....

  4. robot2xl
    Updated: 3 years ago

    Using TMDB API it is possible to import the ratings and watchlist using the IMDB ID (CSV exported file from IMDB). Hopefully you can include this option to the site to make it more dynamic. Thank you.

  5. LifeAtTheMovies
    Updated: 1 year ago

    IMDb is a no go, but what about Letterboxd since they both use the TMDb API?

  6. Chris
    Updated: 1 year ago

    @LifeAtTheMovies Letterboxd does offer export capabilities, so I will look into adding the ability to import into FilmFed from a Letterboxd export.

    Thank you for the suggestions!

  7. redcore
    Updated: 9 months ago

    did anyone made some google extension or script on github to be able to help ( even if not import ) to add a movie from imdb?