Who is a younger Actor or Actress that you want to see more film's from?

by Chris 7 years ago
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  1. Chris
    Updated: 7 years ago

    Every once and awhile a young Actor or Actress who plays a supporting role will blow you away and sometimes steel the show from the lead's. Who are some of your favorites from recent years?

    Here are a few I want to see more from:

  2. buffed_film_buff
    Updated: 7 years ago

    Most of mine are teens, but Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men Lewis MacDougall of A Monster Calls I can't wait to see what the Stranger things kids go on to do Jacob tremblay obvi Abraham attah of beasts of no nation Sunny pawar of lion, if he does continue film

  3. Chris
    Updated: 7 years ago

    @buffed_film_buff Good call on the Stranger Things kids. Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard specifically. I think we will see great things become of them.