My trips to the cinema 2019

The European internet and the British economy are about to be destroyed by old white windbags, Disney is going to rule the planet like they’ve never ruled it before, and for the first time in eons I didn't kick a year off until the second weekend. And how - last year I saw 345 films in total, 200 first-time screenings and two repeats, and have seen some of the few January releases truly worth watching either as previews or in my room. I’ve barely made progress on my personal projects or even job-seeking because of my obsession, and have faced the consequences of such with an anxiety attack that has changed the way my head’s bloodstream works until god knows when, all thanks to a print of something I could have watched any time, just on a smaller screen and not on celluloid. Let’s hope I don’t make the same mistake this year - after all, the BFI’s not running an Animation 2019 season.
Created By: MaxTheMovieGuy
Updated: 3 months ago
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